The UK has always been a popular market for Irish farmers and contractors to import tractors into Ireland. While the UK remains a popular country to import tractors to Ireland from, more and more imports are now coming from European markets and China.

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Whether or not you get a good deal on your purchase, your tractor will be subject to Vehicle Registration Tax or VRT. To be able to use the tractor on the road, you must pay the VRT before you can pay Motor Tax for the vehicle. By not paying VRT you risk prosecution and seizure of your vehicle.


Getting your imported tractor registered in Ireland

Basically there is a 4 step process to getting an imported tractor registered for the road in Ireland;

  • Pay Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) (unless you are exempt)
  • Get new vehicle registration plates
  • Get motor insurance
  • Pay motor tax


Paying Vehicle Registration Tax

To get your tractor registered, you must take it to an NCT centre, where you will also pay the VRT.

Firstly, you must book an appointment with your local NCT centre within 7 days of your tractors arrival into Ireland.

You will need the following documents when paying the VRT at the NCT centre including:

  • Vehicle identity documentation
  • Owners address and name declaration
  • An invoice from the date of the vehicles purchase
  • Evidence of when the vehicle arrived in the country
  • A VRT vehicle purchase declaration form

Once you have paid your VRT you will get the vehicle’s registration certificate showing that VRT has been paid.



After Paying Tractor VRT

The next steps are to buy new registration plates. There are a number of companies in Ireland that allow you to design and buy your plates online.

Once you have your plates you must get your new tractor insured. There are a number of insurers in Ireland offering tractor insurance including Aviva and FBD.

Once your tractor is insured you must get motor tax from either your local motor tax office or doing it online through

A Vehicle Registration Certificate will be issued to you by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

The registration process must be completed within 30 days of arrival.


VRT Rate for a Tractor in 2020

Tractors are Category C vehicles where;  VRT is charged at a flat rate of €200.


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