House Cleaning Dublin

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Euro 130.00

House Cleaning Dublin

What is a great price for house cleaning? Why do some companies are charging little while others seem to be pretty expensive? What types of chemicals would they use? How long does it take? Well, like most people that have never used the services of a professional house cleaning company, you are probably not sure about the whole process.

Dublin House Cleaning provides professional house cleaning services since 2007. An average, a deep house cleaning project takes around 5 hours. Some bigger houses in worst condition might take longer. Our company has a very “eco” only policy. We will deep clean your home with eco cleaning products from Cleanfast. The price for a deep house cleaning project starts from around 130 euro but it can go really high. It all depends on the expectations & the level of cleaning required. You should always be worry about very little prices.

Here is our price list:

1 bed house cleaning project 130 euro

2 bed house cleaning project 170 euro

3 bed house cleaning project 200 euro

4 bed house cleaning project 240 euro

***no cooker, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning or external window cleaning ***


If you are looking for a serious deep clean to include all of the above, please check out our house cleaning packages. Dublin House Cleaning is your local cleaning specialist. We are happy to work with any budget & we are happy to contract cleaning projects in any condition.

House Cleaning Dublin

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