Rug Cleaning Dublin

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Euro 50.00

Rug Cleaning Dublin

You love your old rug but you are afraid to wash it thinking that it will get damaged. If you do it yourself, you will change the colour of your rug but if you hire Dublin Carpet Cleaning we will restore the original look of your beloved rug without affecting negative its looks. We will use professional eco rug cleaning shampoos from Craftex & Prochem.  We will soften up the dirt and we will remove all dirt with special extraction systems.

Small rug cleaning 30 euro

Medium rug cleaning 45 euro

Large rug cleaning 60 euro


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is happy to contract commercial & domestic rug cleaning services. We will deep clean the rug in your own home and we will have it fully dry in a matter of minutes. We can guarantee you outstanding results and hassle free service

Rug Cleaning Dublin

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