If you buy a new car, tractor or motorcycle or import from another country, you will have to pay VRT to register the vehicle in Ireland.

What is VRT

Vehicle Registration Tax or VRT is a tax that must be paid to register a motor vehicle in Ireland. If you import a tractor, motorcycle or car into Ireland, you must bring the vehicle to your local NCT centre to pay the VRT Fee



How is VRT Calculated

The rate of VRT that you must pay is based on the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of a vehicle.

There is a flat rate for Category C vehicles including lorries, tractors, large vans, minibuses and vintage cars over 30 years old. This flat rate is €200 as of February 2020.



Free VRT Calculator

There are a number of VRT calculators online in Ireland. Most, however will charge you a fee to use.

The ROS VRT calculator is one of the only free ones that you can use. The only disadvantage of this calculator is that you will need to provide statistical code information.



How To Use The Revenue’s VRT Calculator

The Revenue’s VRT Calculator or ROS VRT calculator is free calculator on the Revenue website.

You must have a valid statistical code of a vehicle in order to get true results from this free calculator.

What is statistical code information?

A Statistical Code is a unique identifier for a particular Make, Model, Version and Variant of a vehicle, with an individual OMSP determined by Revenue for that vehicle.


How Much Does VRT Cost

VRT rates vary depending on the category of vehicle. Below are some of the following rates of VRT:

Cars are listed under Category A and is based on the level of CO2 or carbon dioxide that the car emits. Since 1 January 2020 a car’s NOx or nitrogen oxide emissions are now a factor for VRT rates.

Category A VRT rates:

Category A VRT rates

Category A VRT rates:

NOx Charge

All Other Vehicle VRT Rates

VRT rates