Policy Management Software From MetaCompliance

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Are you looking an information assurance framework ISO 27001?

The MetaCompliance Policy Management software contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver and manage your organisation’s policy management life cycle.

All major regulatory oversight requirements begin with writing compliance policies. These policies guide staff and partners on the relationship the organisation has with current legislation and industry regulations.


Benefits Of Policy Management Software

  • Minimise the effort and cost of policy management
  • Increase staff knowledge of threats, risks and controls
  • Mitigate risk of financial sanction and reputational damage
  • Avoid a one size fits all approach to policies


A policy management system provides organisations with an easy to use, centralised solution for creating, storing and distributing important policy documents. An effective policy management system will have a consistent method of creating policies, adds structure to company procedures and makes it easier to track compliance.

There are many reasons why organisations should implement an Enterprise Policy management system:

  • Policy Automation
  • Effective Governance Reporting
  • Manage Risk
  • Target Multiple Users
  • Drive User Participation and Awareness